About the Artist

Kinds of Kiva is the inspiration and passion of owner Mark Gutteridge, a lifelong artist and lover of the natural world. Born and raised in Wilshire, from a very young age Mark found himself drawn to the ancient stone megaliths and Neolithic sites that pepper the landscape. As a young man farming and ploughing the fields of the Wiltshire countryside, Marks’ interest in the mysterious crop circles also captured his creative imagination.
The circles of grain and the circles of life work together to inspire his stone artwork.

Mark often greets the day, enjoying the solitude and sunrise at one of the stone circles which capture his imagination.

Why ‘Kinds of Kiva’? The Oxford English Dictionary defines a Kiva as “a chamber, often circular, used by ancestral Pueblo Indians for religious rites”. Mark, a frequent visitor to the panoramic deserts of the American Southwest, discovered a dynamic connection between the stone circles he knew and the circular stone Kivas of the long vanished Anasazi.

The name Kinds of Kiva, brings together the spiritual relationship between ancient ones the world over, their connection to the natural world and Marks’ journey through life.

Mark Gutteridge
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